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Wii Fit Tips

January 29th, 2009

While most video games have an adverse effect on people’s fitness levels as they slouch for hours and hours in front of the monitor, Wii Fit offers a great combination of both fitness and fun. However, you are not going to become fit and trim by simply paying the price of the game. In the beginning, playing and watching other play different games on Wii Fit can be an amusing and fun activity. But, as the novelty wears off, it is important to continue your fitness regime on Wii Fit to actually get the health benefits that the game has to offer. Here are some Wii Fit tips to help you make the most of your Wii Fit and ensure that it doesn’t find itself in the attic a month from its purchase:

Be Precise
: You may have come across reviews of Wii Fit that claim that the Balance Board is not accurate in recording your body weight. Since, all calculations in the game depend on your body mass index (BMI) of which your body weight is an important component, it is disheartening to know that the results could be completely off because of the inaccurate Balance Board. However, chances are that you are not placing the Balance Board accurately. You need a hard surface like tiles or hardwood floor to place your Balance Board on. If you are placing it on the carpet next to your TV, chances are the results will be inaccurate.

Be Prepared: The novelty of Wii Fit will wear out in a few weeks, if not days. Be prepared for this to happen. Additionally, also be prepared with a fitness routine you intend to stick to for a long term period. Have a plan to ensure that Wii Fit becomes a part of your daily routine.

Have Real Expectations
: Odds are that you bought Wii Fit because of all the hype that surrounds it and highlights all the health benefits you can derive from it. But, while this is absolutely true, you also need to be aware that ads and articles tend to only focus on the positives without paying any attention to practicalities. It wouldn’t be surprising if you thought that an hour on the Wii Fit every week will turn you into a supermodel and take away all your excess fat. If you really believe this, you are likely to be disappointed when it does not happen.

Be Ready: Wii Fit is a fitness routine like every other fitness routine you have come across. It needs a warming up and a cooling down period before and after the game. If you go straight into power boxing without getting your body ready for it, you are bound to suffer from muscle cramps in a matter of minutes. If this were to happen to you repeatedly, it is unlikely that you will have any desire to continue playing the game.

Take Your Time: the results of Wii Fit are not uniform or standardized. Different people will show different rates of weight loss. Do not get discouraged if your friend has lost more weight that you have. Stay focused on your fitness routine, ensure that you are following instructions accurately and you are bound to see the difference in your fitness levels.

Wii Fit Tips

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