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Wii Fit Ski Jump Tips

January 25th, 2009

A fast and easy game to play between the hard workouts on the Wii Fit ;). First, do like you would kneeling down and try to get the red dot a bit OVER the blue one - this way you can get your speed up to 97 km/h. While in the air, extend your legs like if you would standing up and lean a bit forward.

How to unlock:
Wii Fit Ski Jump is available at the beginning

Ski Jump Tips & tricks:
Make sure your balance is slightly over the blue dot to get additional speed. Another good trick is to “stand up” near the end of the ramp - before you are actually in the air. This can get you 10-20 meters extra.

Wii Fit Piggy credits: 1 minute

Difficulty: 1star

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