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Wii Fit - Does it work ?

January 29th, 2009

Wii Fit has created a sensation in both the gaming and the fitness industry. It has been hailed as the best Christmas gift of the year and since its introduction in the market, suppliers have hardly been able to keep pace with the demand. The game is flying off the shelves across the country as more and more Wii owners are rushing to buy their gateway into the world of fitness. Ads and articles, both online and off, are singing praises of this revolutionary game and we are already seeing posts across blogs about the rate at which people are losing weight. But, is this hype for real? Wii Fit - does is work ?

It is true that what Wii Fit has achieved is phenomenal. Combining fitness with fun and motivating people to stay fit simply because it is fun to do so is a rare achievement. While most home video games have an adverse effect on the fitness levels of the players, thanks to the continual slouching in front of the monitor, with their thumb being the only part of their body that is active, here is a video game that makes people want to exercise and follow regular fitness regimes on a daily basis. Combined with its ability to be source of entertainment for the whole family, it is capable of raising fitness levels of entire families at a time. Irrespective of any flaws or limitations, it may have this achievement deserves to be acknowledged.

On the other hand, it is important to know that while this is a great start, especially for people who have never considered a fitness regime before, it is important to realize that this is not a whole and complete fitness regime in itself. Just exercising on the Balance Board once a week or every once in a while is not going to help you shed any pounds or get any fitter. Even if you are diligent in your routine and follow it rigorously on a daily basis, it will certainly help you shed pounds, but will still not be a complete fitness solution. Complete fitness includes proper lifestyle, healthy diet, mental health, etc. which are completely outside the purview of this game.

On the other hand, there is no substitute to have a real fitness trainer. A real trainer will be able to look at your stance or your movement and know if what you are doing is right or wrong. If you are making any mistakes, a real trainer will be able to correct it before it starts becoming counter-productive or you end up injuring yourself. Doing exercises wrongly is possibly worse than doing no exercise at all, as it can potentially harm you all well, and only a real trainer can help you in this regard.

Also, it is important to remember that the game cannot always be accurate. For instance, a person with high muscle mass will register a high BMI even though there is no ounce of fat on his body, because the game cannot distinguish between muscle and fat.

In all, Wii Fit is a great game and a great start to the world of fitness, but like every good thing, has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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