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Wii Fit Ultimate Balance Test

January 18th, 2009

For those of you who are not aware about this neat hidden game (well, it’s more like an easter egg) - now it is time to try it out. It contains three progressively harder tests and all i can say - good luck in passing the last one. The point of this minigame is to stand still for three seconds and hold the balance even 50-50 on both feets. Believe me, it’s sounds much easier than it is!

To start the ultimate balance test, go to the Training screen. See that animated waving balance board in the background ? Just click on it and you will be taken to the test.

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Wii Fit alternate Jogging routes

January 17th, 2009

If you are jogging often with your Wii Fit you will surely enjoy these alternate routes so you do not have to run the same courses over and over again. There are at least three alternate routes to unlock and there are probably more of them hidden in the “Free Run” mode (if you haven’t unlocked it yet you may want to take a look how do you unlock the Free Run mode in Wii Fit).

These alternate joggin courses are triggered by the cute dogs that are overtake your character from time to time. Once you see them, run as fast as you can so you pass your guide and the “Oh! You’ve passed your guide!” message appears. Then you will se another message saying “Now follow the dog” and you will be taken to the alternate route.

The routes also slighty varying depending if it’s the first, second or third time you are running after the dog.

Short Course

The dog will appear as you run towards the single house with a Mii outside. There are two slightly different routes when you try it for the first or the second time

Long Course

Chase the dog immediately at the beginning. The first time you will try this route you will jog by the Turbine Hills, the second time you will meet the Wifitty City and the third time you will jog along the White Sand Beach.

Island Lap

Here you will see the doggy immediately after start again. On the first time you will jog on the bridge by Thrilling Falls, through the Mountain Tunnel and then through city and Seagull Point. With the second try the route will lead through the Mountain Tunnel and the Camel Rock, up to the Rocky Peak and end by the city and the seagull point again. And for the third time you will be running up to the Rocky Peak and then again through the city and the Seagull Point.

Here is a more detailed description of the Island Lap alternative routes:

  • You will see a yellow dog at the start. Follow it and soon a black dog will appear. This is the first new alternate route.
  • After following the black dog for a while, a white dog will appear. This is the second new alternate course.
  • Follow the guide at the beginning until you will get to the bridge, and a brown dog will show up. Run for him and you will be taken to the third route
  • Follow as above, but after following the brown dog for awhile, you will be overrun by another brown dog

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Unlockable Wii Fit Stamps

January 17th, 2009

I case you were wondering how to change the stamps in Wii Fit and why you can not select any of them - here is the answer. The Wii Fit stamps are unlocked by attending more and more body tests (with other words, they keep you motivated to do the Wii Fit training every day :)). There are 8 unlockable stamps and this is how your “Change Design” menu should look like after you have unlocked them all:


You have to complete the following tasks to unlock these stamps in Wii Fit:

  • OK: Attend 2 Body Tests.
  • Star: Attend 5 Body Tests.
  • Heart: Attend 6 Body Tests.
  • Flower: Attend 10 Body Tests.
  • Smiley Face: Attend 14 Body Tests.
  • Mii: Attend 30 Body Tests.

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How to get free coins with Wii Fit

September 8th, 2008

If you in need of some coins but too lazy to earn them yourself, here is a trick to get some coins for free. It is pretty boring tho and you will need some time but hey - it’s free money, right ?

Select the “Balance Mode games” from the menu and choose the “Marble Drop Game”. In this game you will be awarded one coin for each minute of playing (no matter if you will win or lose). So just sit there and let the time run out - it takes 30 seconds but the game rounds up the time up to one minute. Voila, you have got one coin for one minute of gameplay :) Continue to do that until you are really bored or really rich.

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Unlock Alternate Fit Piggy colors in Fii Fit

June 1st, 2008

After some really hard workout you will be awarded with the possibility to change the color of your Fit Piggy. The Fit Piggy colors are unlocked by the amount of hours you spent training with Wii Fit:

Bronze: 10 hours
Silver: 20 hours
Gold: 40 hours

And now go back to the training !

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Hidden Mario references on the jogging courses

May 20th, 2008

There are a lot of references to the NES 8-bit Mario game that are hidden all over the jogging routes - in all of them. There are sure more to be discovered, this video only shows some of them that have been found so far (Mario, Luigi, Mushroom and Goomba). If you will find more, feel free to post the references to them in the comments.

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Weighing objects with your Wii Fit

February 25th, 2008

Did you knew that you can use Wii Fit to weigh objects ? You can ! Stand on your balance board immediately after choosing “Body Test” (NOT when it is actually weighing you but the first time Fii Fit asks you) and hold a heavy object. Wii Fit will recognize that you must hold something in your hands to be that heavy and actually weight it for you.

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